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Where others have limitations, we have innovations!

VenueLive showcases your brand's energy and spirit with the power of fun and the efficiency of Business.

Bring your events and brand to new heights with VenueLive

  • Network with attendees
  • Chat live together
  • Sell tickets
  • Collect stats
  • Host downloadable files (PDF, PPT, Resource Links, Videos, etc)
  • Share photos, videos, files together
  • Post and comment while presentations are live
  • Ask questions, get answers right away
  • Exclusivity during your events
  • Use zoom or other streaming options
  • Studio presentation quality
  • TV Style shows with full studio support
  • Greenscreen your presenters
  • Greenrooms
  • More, more and more!
VenueLive is designed from the ground up to showcase your brand for your virtual and hybrid events. Whether you're looking for a change in venue, greater engagement, statistics, fundraisers, reliability, a secure event environment or just some fun with your people, VenueLive makes it easier than ever to inspire greatness and make your events virtual, hybrid and successful.
What’s your goal?
Do you need to go all in virtual? Provide continuing education credits to your members without physical event attendance? Raise money for your cause?

Host your virtual event on VenueLive and achieve ALL your goals

From the moment your attendees register to the final buzzer at the end of your event we collect the stats that you need.

We know when they signed on, where they went, what they did when they went there, how long they were engaged during your event.

We can apply those statistics to create continuing education certificates for you, or just give you the data so you can utilize it in ways you need.


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