On an early Monday morning the founder  of the Teaching Black History Confernce, LaGarrett King, called us with a huge SOS requesting "Help!" with his conference that had grown, practically overnight, from 200 attendees to over 800 and was scheduled to begin just four days later.  "Could we build a portal", he said, "to accomodate over 800 attendees, and 65 live presenter sessions over the course of 2 full days?  Can it include 6 rooms, complete livestream, ticket sales, chat, networking and a resource library stocked with their presentations and other resource documents?".  "Why, yes we can" we said...and we did, in just four days. Plus, our system sold over 200 more conference tickets for them, automatically, and they didn't need to lift a single finger for that!

Since then we have taken the feedback from attendees and worked to make improvements on the networking and socializing aspects of our system.  We believe our next iteration will be very appealing to all our future conference attendees because you will be able to directly connect to other attendees in ways you already understand and use everyday in social media. 

It is our pleasure at VenueLive.Solutions to give you the highest level of service for your virtual event!