The plan was to invite all the speakers, sponsors, and committee members to a pre conference mixer the night before where they would get to mingle, have a cocktail, listen to music and hear a little from the conference organizers.

Once it was determined that an in person event was not going to happened, they reached out to us for a virtual solution.  VLS hosted a Virtual Lounge which included a cocktail and snack kit delivery before the event, an in lounge tutorial from a bartender on mixing the drink, a DJ spinning songs live, professional hosts, and presentations from the conference organizers...all within a setting that was as close as you could get to an in person event.  Another plus was that we were still able to utilize the same vendors that they would have used had they been able to hold their event live.  We call that a WIN-WIN!

VLS can recreate a Virtual Lounge for any organization, corporation, or group of friends or family that would like to connect virtually in this time of limited in person gatherings.  Every part of it can be customized to our clients wishes.  

It is our pleasure at VenueLive Solutions to provide you with the highest level of service for your virtual events!